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Manabu is the exploration of original and contemporary Omakase and Kaiseki cuisine.  


Our food is based on the elevation of the core ingredient, pushing boundaries as to what Japanese food 'should' be. We don't believe in rules. We are authentically unauthentic. 


To keep the highest standards, our Omakase experience is limited to four guests per sitting, the Kaiseki for eight. There is one menu, which will change depending on the produce received on the day. A sample menu is available on the website as a guide.


​Our unique space, hidden within a former church in Vevey's Old Town, is also available for private hire for private or corporate events, with a maximum capacity of 30 guests.

For an up to date view on Manabu's experiences, we welcome you to visit our page

For all queries, please contct us at

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Manabu's Creatives


Alastair Long

A native of Manchester, it was by pure coincidence that Manabu Founder and Chef Patron Alastair

Long found himself living, breathing, and dreaming of Japanese Gastronomy.

In 2008 while studying academically at the University of Manchester, he landed a part-time job at a traditional, family-run sushi bar. Little did he know at the time that this was the beginning of a love affair with a style and mindset of cuisine which would change his life forever. 

Leaving his studies to pursue his dream, Alastair found himself on a fascinating journey to work for and learn from some of the most renowned chefs and Michelin Starred institutions in the industry, including Benjamin Orpwood – Executive Chef Gordon Ramsay, Zuma, Issho, PedroMiranda – Sake No Hanna, Des, Macdonald Restaurants, Benoit Carcenat – Hôtel de Ville de Crissier,  Hotel and Restaurant Valrose (Meilleur Ouvrier de France).

Alastair arrived in Switzerland in 2018 after extensive European experience working both as a Consultant and Executive Chef to join the prestigious Glion Institute of Higher Education, applying his knowledge to a newly created teaching role covering all aspects of Modern Japanese Gastronomy.

His intention, and the inspiration behind Manabu (translated as ‘to learn’), is to showcase how the Japanese approach to gastronomy can be applied to the beautiful produce which surrounds us in Europe. But most importantly, he aims to implement a creative environment where the professionals and our guests can learn from one another alike.

Is there such a thing as perfection, and if there is, how will we know when we’ve arrived?

Sous-Chef Jackson was born and raised in Houston, Texas, being fascinated by international cuisine from a young age. Despite his young age, Jackson has amassed extensive industry experience, having worked in many fine-dining establishments striving for Michelin-level status, as well as getting his Culinary Diploma from the Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland at just the age of 20.

He met Alastair through an externship opportunity provided by his school, and their chemistry in the
kitchen was unmatched. Alastair instantly saw his potential to grow on our team and offered him an invitation- which Jackson gladly accepted

Jackson Wild

Jackson Wild

One of Switzerland’s most celebrated and respected bartenders, native Parisian David has worked globally in Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom, and across many European nations. His travels have inspired him to create cocktails that tell a story.


His professional experience has seen him as the opening bar manager and creative cocktail force at many craft cocktail institutions and hotspots – creating recipes for bars such as W Hotels in both Spain and Switzerland, Nacarat Bar and Cloakroom in Montréal , The Corinthia Hotel in London, Pony Dining in Brisbane, and most recently at the world-renowned hotel management school Glion. His many accolades include many cocktail competitions including being a finalist for ‘Disarronno’, the ‘Best Belgian Bartender’ and ‘Diego’s World Class Global Finals’.

His favorite cocktail?

A good old-fashioned, it’s a classic cocktail that also appeals to the contemporary palate.

You can use all different kinds of spirits.

David Gauaut

David Gouaut

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