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Enjoy Manabu from the Comfort of your Home

We believe whether you are eating with us or at home, your Omakase experience should provide you with the freshest locally sourced and seasonal ingredients available to us.

Omakase means ‘let us choose’, and we take great pride in creating a unique meal to enjoy in your own home with friends, family or colleagues. The very ethos of Omakase means that no two meals will be the same; this all depends on the finest ingredients we can market-source on the day.

To ensure the food is of the highest quality we only hand deliver six meals per evening four evenings per week, within a 20KM radius of our home in Vevey.


Please visit our Boutique to decide on which food and beverage options are for you, and please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any specific requirements or questions.

Food preparation with Alastair and Jackson

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