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Menu 7.HEIC



Fridays 19:30 and Saturdays 19:00 - duration 2.5 hours - 8 guest capacity



Next availability Saturday 4th March - Private table available on request

Our international team combines local and seasonal produce with traditional ingredients to create new and innovative tasting menus at every event. Our menus are prepared directly in front of guests, taking you on your very own journey of discovery across this wonderful cuisine.

True to form, our Kaiseki Menu sticks to quality, seasonality and sustainability, offering only one sitting per evening. We have one table seating 8, the intention being to create a relaxed atmosphere where guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends.
Alongside our Kaiseki Menu, we have a wine and cocktail flights crafted by Reza Nahaboo (Best Sommelier Switzerland, representative Switzerland 2022 in the Best Sommelier of the World)
and by David Goaut (Brand representative Switzerland Moet Hennessy, Best Bartender Belgium, Diego World Cup). 

Reservations are now available before our launch in early 2023. To book your space, click on the button below.

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