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By Reservation - duration 2 hours - 4 guest capacity





Our Omakase Lunch is available Thursdays and Fridays, with a smaller menu yet still the same high quality Manabu insists on providing.

Omakase can be translated as 'trust the chef'. You putting your trust in us is seen as a privilege; we take it as a matter of personal pride to give you the highest quality experience and memory our capabilities will allow.

We are meticulous in the sourcing of our products and want to give real sushi fans the most premium experience possible. Akin to the sushi bars found in Tokyo and other major world cities, Manabu has its own Sushi Bar with a maximum capacity of 4 guests.

Served on lukewarm Welsh slate, nigiri and maki are served one piece at a time in a carefully choreographed order to optimise the flavour, texture and temperature of each bite.

The Omakase Dinner consists of anywhere between 16-20 courses, and as with the Kaiseki Menu, both wine and cocktail flights are available along with our Junmai and Daiginjo Sake collection.

Overnight accommodation in our luxury Loft may be open for guests travelling from afar. Please contact us before reserving to check availability. 

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